“Patty Anker is a skilled listener with a superior...

intellect, sound judgment, excellent analytical abilities, and unquestioned integrity. She is an honest, forthright human being, and as our communications director she was an excellent representative of our brand who drove spectacular change across the company.”
-Scott Williams, President, The Nantucket Project, Greenwich, CT

“Anyone would be lucky to have Patty in their corner...

Her life-tested wisdom, boundless enthusiasm, and unwavering belief in the ability of people to wrangle fear into submission are galvanizing.”
- Toni Schiarra Poynter, Women’s Media Group, Co-President.

"Patty Anker is a complete pleasure to work with...

and the realness and humor with which she presents encourages women to recognize their fears and be more confident in their decisionmaking.
- Amy Cooper, Conference for Women, Program Director

“I’m not afraid to swim or jump out of planes, but I was afraid to move to a new town...

Patty’s [expertise] isn’t necessarily about how to get over fears; it’s about what happens after you take a risk.” - Steph Opitz, Book Editor, Marie Claire

“A perfect fresh start book."

- Martha Stewart Living Radio, on Some Nerve