The Best of Pleasantville Insider 2019

Best of Pleasantville Insider 2019 – VIDEO

What a year! When I started Pleasantville Insider last holiday season, I wanted to spotlight local businesses and give buyers considering moving here a sense of what makes our village different from other suburbs. It has been so much fun getting to know (and hamming it up) with local leaders – if you haven’t introduced yourself to these fabulous neighbors do it – the best part of living in a small town is the people! Check out the video¬†highlights. MANY THANKS to all who have participated, subscribed, & shared – much more to come in 2020!


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Meet Pleasantville Bakery’s Beloved “Q”!

Step inside Pleasantville Bakery & Cafe in Pleasantville, NY and time stands still. Q, the owner, greets you with a smile and asks you how you are, and you realize the answer is “a whole lot better now!” No matter how busy our days are, we stop to connect, make sure we’re all right, and realize this is the best part of having a hometown. Then tasting the best rugelach or cupcake you’ve ever had is literally icing on the cake!

I first met Q when I was in the middle of moving to Pleasantville and worried about, well, everything. He welcomed me and my family with open arms. Before long we were finding every reason to have a celebratory cake or pie. “Since moving to Pleasantville, we eat a lot more cake!” our daughter observed. Why not, when there are so many delicious ones to try? I’m ordering “Welcome Home” cakes for my buyers for when they move to their dream home. Maybe they’ll offer me a slice :).

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

“I never knew what community was until I got here. If there’s a problem we come together and support each other. I love the good positive energy floating around Pleasantville.” – Q, Pleasantville Bakery

What is a day in the life of a baker like?

I get here at 3 am to bake the breakfast pastries, danishes, rolls, crumb cake, muffins. The apple crumb coffee cake is a favorite of our customers.
At 6 am we start on the showcases, baking cookies, pies, and whatever birthday cake orders need to be filled. I try to make the cakes as good as possible, because I want to keep friends like Patty coming back!

What is your favorite item here?

My favorite is the raspberry rugelach. I also love to bake cookies. Every time I give a child a cookie their expression is something you can’t put a price on.

Why did you set up shop in Pleasantville?

I feel like the universe brought me here. I was looking for a bakery for so long, and this was the bakery I found at exactly the right price. This was the perfect fit. I never knew what community was like before I came here. I grew up in a small family in the Bronx. I love that family is #1 here. And as you go through life you realize many of the people you meet become your family, and that’s definitely the situation with me and a lot of the customers that come in here.

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New Year, Fresh Start at Kimberly House in Pleasantville

Who’s looking for a fresh start this New Year? I sure am!

It’s time to clean out, which means going to Kimberly House for a delicious home fragrance to take away the “dogs-cooped-up-for-the-winter” scent in our house and replace it with something more uplifting. Owners Hendrien and Simon Dewhurst always have just the right thing, showing me wild-harvested oils from Africa.

I breathe deeply. My blood pressure drops, I dream of faraway places. My daughter has to poke me to bring me back to reality. By the time I’m done admiring the handmade and fairly traded natural soaps, jewelry, linens, and decor I’ve selected just the right gifts for clients, hostesses, and colleagues for the next several months.

Look out 2019! We’re organized! We’re energized! And we smell amazing. #shopsmall #shoplocal

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

Pleasantville is beautiful, and bringing the beauty of my native South Africa here feels just right. – Hendrien Dewhurst

Read more local business profiles at:

Kimberly House basket -pattyanker.randrealty.comKimberly House Handmade Soap

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Best Sparkling Wines for the Holidays? Ask Best Wine Purveyors Proprietor Thierry Pradines

What’s better than sipping delicious sparkling wine to toast the holidays? Why, sipping 6 different kinds with renowned expert Thierry Pradines, proprietor of Pleasantville’s own Best Wine Purveryors, of course! My husband, mother-in-law, and I were happy as could be at their weekly wine seminar on Friday which focused on holiday bubbly. I learned a lot, including why a $130 bottle of Champagne costs that much, and how prosecco gets its fizz in a fraction of the time and price. Thierry’s stories, sprinkled with folklore and fact, made each sample stand out.

Our favorites: Val D’Oca, Prosecco 2017, Veneto, Italy; Jean-Baptiste Adam, Cremant d’Alsace Rose Brut NV, Alsace, France; Neveran, Gremillet Brut NV, Champagne, France.

Purchases of 6 bottles of sampled wines are discounted 10% – we left with bottles we’ll be proud to pop at our holiday gatherings this season. Next up; Best of 2018 sampling on December 28 at 7 pm!

A Conversation with Thierry Pradines, proprietor of Best Wine Purveyors:

Describe your business:

Best Wine Purveyors is a retail wine store unlike any other. Every wine we carry has been hand selected as the best from different regions, varietals and price points. We sample 8 wines a day in our drawing room like atmosphere and offer weekly tasting seminars. We welcome patrons to spend time here, learn about wine, and have a wonderful experience.

Why did you choose this profession?

I was born and raised in Fronton, France, a small Southwest village where wine has been made since the thirteenth century. My family owns vineyards and makes wine, so I’ve been involved in every aspect of the process. I’m proud to have also earned certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust – the most highly respected wine education program in the world. And I really love wine.

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

Pleasantville is full of people who care about quality and want special experiences. You can find the best of everything here – wine, food, services, culture. If you speak to proprietors they have traveled and worked with the best in their businesses. It’s a pleasure to learn from each other.

Anything exciting going on that customers should know about?

We have weekly wine tasting seminars on Fridays at 7 pm – we just toasted the holidays with a tasting of six sparkling wines – and our next will be the Best of 2018 on December 28. Reserve a spot early, as they often sell out.

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Holiday Shopping for the Perfect Gift in Pleasantville

Patty Anker and Matt Jaros of Glass OnionMy lucky colleagues are getting treasures from Glass Onion Originals this year! Why is this special? Matt Jaros, owner, says “We’re proud to carry handmade pieces by American artisans and craftspeople,” and the originality shines through. I asked Matt and his sales associate Pam to help me pick the perfect gifts for my real estate mentors. I came away with a beautiful brass necklace with crystals in the Better Homes & Gardens Rand green, and the perfect key pendant for a realtor who helps so many unlock doors to the houses of their dreams.

Glass Onion originals jewelry

They also have stunning accessories (clothing and home decor) – give yourself plenty of time to peruse! #shoplocal #shopsmall #westchestersmallbusiness

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

“Pleasantville is charming – but what is charm? It’s the villages, the shops and the people. We are grateful for our neighbors and visitors who shop local and help us create the charm we all love.” – Matt Jaros, owner, Glass Onion Originals

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